Virtual Audio Streaming

Virtual Audio Streaming 4.0

Enhance the quality of the audio output by installing a virtual sound card

Virtual Audio Streaming is intended to enhance the quality of your computer’s audio output by installing a virtual sound card. If you are wondering why you would need this when your computer already has a card, let me explain that it helps you overcome the limitations of some physical cards, which hinder recording internal sound. Thus, it allows you to capture practically every sound produced on the system, independently of its source. In this respect, the tool can grab audio from not only a microphone or a file but also voice chatting sessions, a game or an online radio station. Likewise, this product supports broadcasting an audio stream to other programs.

The tool’s interface has a modern appearance. And although at first it may seem somewhat confusing, you soon get to understand it. There are three panels with different functions. The left panel is meant to configure input parameters, like source (including a real microphone), buffer size, sample rate, bits per sample and number of channels. The right panel, in turn, allows setting similar aspects but in relation to output. Finally, the panel at the bottom helps you configure the driver and record audio to a WAV file.

On the whole, Virtual Audio Streaming has a positive impact on your PC’s sound quality without demanding much of the system. It supports full audio formats, from 40KHz to 192KHz, 8bits to 24bits. The product can be used for free but its trial version causes the annoyance of recording audio with noise.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports full audio formats
  • Records any audio that goes through the sound card
  • Broadcasts audio to other programs


  • Confusing interface
  • Trial versions records audio with noise
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